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    Single Family Residences

    Early in his career, Goldberg worked on a number of small residential projects, starting with the Higginson House in 1934. The modestly-sized, modernist homes of his early career often included imaginative use of materials and technology and in many cases custom furniture and fixtures. By the mid-1950s, his private residential work came mostly to an end, as the firm began work on larger-scale projects.

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    Multi-family Residences

    A desire to improve urban living informed the design of all Goldberg’s multi-family residences - with Marina City as his defining example. Built as a "city within a city", it combined residential apartments, recreational activities, entertainment, and commercial offices into one complex. This was a turning point that began his firm's movement towards larger projects, including River City; an extension of many of these same ideas. While his work was primarily addressed to the middle class, the needs of lower-income residents were the focus of projects at Drexel and Raymond Hilliard Homes.

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    Institutional Projects

    Beginning in the 1960's, Bertrand Goldberg Associates received many commissions for educational and health care facilities. Nine major new hospitals were designed and built, and two entire college campuses were also completed - for Health Sciences Center and Wright College. In these projects, the firm was able to implement new solutions to long established problems by assuming responsibility for not only architecture, but also programming, planning, and engineering.

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    Industrial Projects

    Goldberg's early interest in industrial design and manufacturing would inform his later work in large-scale systems. An experiment in automobile design was followed by prefabricated housing and then mobile structures built for the U.S. military in World War II. After the war, his interest in prefabrication continued until the 1950's, when his unused design for a plywood boxcar evolved into modular housing units.

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    Concepts & Proposals

    Committed to all design disciplines, Goldberg designed furniture to accompany his early residential projects. He also designed several public exhibitions or promotional displays as inventive means to demonstrate and promote his projects. Later, this interest in spectacle was revisited through several unbuilt but fantastical projects including a futuristic night-time entertainment center and a proposal for a floating World's Fair.

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    Commercial Projects

    From a mobile ice-cream store on wheels, to large auditoriums and high-rise office buildings, Goldberg's commercial projects covered a wide spectrum of both scale and purpose. Nonetheless, each typically showcased a distinctive approach to problem solving through innovative use of materials and form.


Higginson House

Higginson House 1934 - 1935 Chicago, IL Single Family Residences

Mullins House

Garden view of Mullins Residence. (HB photo, n.d.)
Mullins House 1936 - 1937 Evanston, IL Single Family Residences

Abrahms House

Abrahms House from the street. (Hedrich-Blessing photo, n.d.)
Abrahms House 1937 - 1938 Glencoe, IL Single Family Residences


Orangerie 1937 - 1937 Grayslake, IL Single Family Residences

Standard Houses

Row of Standard Houses in Melrose Park, 1940-41, n.d.
Standard Houses 1937 - 1943 Hegewisch, IL Single Family Residences

Rear Engine Automobile

rear engine auto going for test drive
Rear Engine Automobile 1938 - 1938 Industrial Projects

Clark-Maple Gas Station

Clark-Maple Gas Station, night view with neon lighting
Clark-Maple Gas Station 1938 - 1938 Chicago, IL Commercial Projects

Jacobs House

Exterior view (Hedrich-Blessing photo)
Jacobs House 1938 - 1941 Glencoe, IL Single Family Residences

North Pole Ice Cream

North Pole, night view. Note menu prices. (Hedrich-Blessing photo. "F. Norris Time" inscribed on back.)
North Pole Ice Cream 1938 - 1938 River Forest, IL Commercial Projects

Heimbach House

Heimbach Residence, view from street. (HB photo, 1939)
Heimbach House 1939 - 1940 Blue Island, IL Single Family Residences

Mobile Delousing Unit

Mobile Delousing Unit conceptual drawing.
Mobile Delousing Unit 1942 - 1942 Washington, DC Industrial Projects

Mobile Penicillin Lab

Mobile Penicillin Lab model.
Mobile Penicillin Lab 1943 - 1943 Washington, DC Industrial Projects

Standard Prefab Bathroom

Standard Prefabricated bathroom unit. (HB Photo, n.d.)
Standard Prefab Bathroom 1946 - 1947 Chicago, IL Industrial Projects


Bent plywood couch designed for exhibition in the 1939 San Francisco World's Fair.
Furniture 1948 - 1955 Concepts & Proposals

Florsheim Kitchen

View of stainless steel appliance "garages."
Florsheim Kitchen 1949 - 1952 Chicago, IL Single Family Residences

Unicel Prefab Freight Cars

Unicel freight car (HB photo)
Unicel Prefab Freight Cars 1949 - 1952 Hegewisch, IL Industrial Projects

Exhibition Design

Design for Unicel Freight Car exhibit.
Exhibition Design 1949 - 1951 Concepts & Proposals

Helstein House

Helstein House view from street. (HB photo, n.d.)
Helstein House 1950 - 1951 Chicago, IL Single Family Residences

Snyder House

Snyder House 1952 - 1952 Shelter Island, NY Single Family Residences


promotional material for Unishelter showing its portability
Unishelter 1952 - 1952 Hegewisch, IL Industrial Projects

Drexel Home and Gardens

Block of four townhomes.
Drexel Home and Gardens 1954 - 1955 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

Pineda Island

Pineda Island main ring, when opened c. 1960
Pineda Island 1956 - 1960 Mobile, AL Commercial Projects

Levin House

Flossmoor exterior
Levin House 1956 - 1957 Flossmoor, IL Single Family Residences

Astor Tower

Night view of core and entrances. (Orlando R. Cabanan photo)
Astor Tower 1958 - 1963 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

West Palm Beach Auditorium

View of Tower with 24 beams up, July 26, 1966.
West Palm Beach Auditorium 1958 - 1967 West Palm Beach, FL Commercial Projects

Marina City

View to northwest of Marina City.
Marina City 1959 - 1967 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

Brenneman School

View of completed classroom section. (no credit BG? Snapshot?)
Brenneman School 1960 - 1963 Chicago, IL Institutional Projects

Elgin Laundry Building

Elgin_9_2012_010090  419
Elgin Laundry Building 1962 - 1964 Elgin, IL Commercial Projects

ABC Office Building

Model for ABC Building. (Hedrich-Blessing photo)
ABC Office Building 1963 - 1963 New York, NY Commercial Projects


Entrance to Maxim's. (Orlando R. Cabanban photo, n.d.)
Maxim’s 1963 - 1963 Chicago, IL Commercial Projects

Raymond Hilliard Homes

Boy on bicycle in front of elderly apartment tower.
Raymond Hilliard Homes 1963 - 1966 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

Affiliated Hospitals

Earlier proposed design.
Affiliated Hospitals 1964 - 1971 Boston, MA Institutional Projects

Elgin State Hospital

Birdseye view of Elgin State Hospital. (Larry Gordon photo, n.d.)
Elgin State Hospital 1965 - 1967 Elgin, IL Institutional Projects

Health Sciences Center

HSC as constructed
Health Sciences Center 1965 - 1976 Stony Brook, NY Institutional Projects

San Diego Theatre

San Diego theater model
San Diego Theatre 1967 - 1968 San Diego, CA Commercial Projects

St. Joseph’s Hospital

View of tower showing base building.
St. Joseph’s Hospital 1969 - 1974 Tacoma, WA Institutional Projects

Prentice Women’s Hospital

building view when just completed
Prentice Women’s Hospital 1969 - 1975 Chicago, IL Institutional Projects

River City

River City 1 rendering
River City 1972 - 1986 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

Brigham Hospital

View of hospital from street-level.
Brigham Hospital 1976 - 1980 Boston, MA Institutional Projects

Good Samaritan Hospital

View of the 720-bed patient tower of monolithic concrete designed in shell form.
Good Samaritan Hospital 1978 - 1982 Phoenix, AZ Institutional Projects

Night World

section through tent structure
Night World 1979 - 1979 Orlando, FL Concepts & Proposals

Providence Hospital

hospital tower and base
Providence Hospital 1982 - 1987 Mobile, AL Institutional Projects

River City II

view from west, with marina on left
River City II 1983 - 1986 Chicago, IL Multi-family Residences

Floating World’s Fair

Modification Plan for Floating World's Fair.
Floating World’s Fair 1984 - 1984 Chicago, IL Concepts & Proposals

Wright College

Learning Resource Center
Wright College 1986 - 1992 Chicago, IL Institutional Projects

Erie Studios

view from southeast
Erie Studios 1988 - 1988 Chicago Concepts & Proposals

A note about complications in the history

Every effort has been made to provide a cogent and brief history on the work of Bertrand Goldberg and his office. However, the reader may find a few inconsistencies, as a brief history is complicated by a few factors:

  • Projects often had multiple names, not only during design, but even once built. For example, Drexel Town and Gardens is published under five different names.
  • Projects had extended timelines, especially the larger ones. Marina City was started in 1959, completed in 1967. Others were even longer, such as AHC, HSC, and River City. Not only did some change names over this duration, but they evolved conceptually from the master planning or original design concepts. Relating individual buildings to earlier master plans is not an exact science.
  • There are some complicating factors in dating the work: early drawings were mostly lost,. Conceptual drawings (especially in the later office) were not always dated or clearly identified.
  • The information provided here is abridged.

In general, most of these issues have been sorted through and clarified. However, it is possible some inconsistencies may be found. Should more detailed clarification be necessary, it is recommended that reference be made to the original materials at the Art Institute of Chicago.