List of Articles on Bertrand Goldberg

Date Subject Title Author Published
4/00/00   “People Who Live in Glass Block Houses” Christine Newman Chicago Magazine
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/00/96 Marina City “Do We Need Chicago?” Bertrand Goldberg An Occasional Paper from City Innovation (newsl.)
0x/0x/96 Josef Albers “BG Discusses Josef Albers:Conversations w/Fred Horowitz 8/14/95 & 1/12/96″ BG and Fred Horowitz unpublished?
Date Subject Title Author Published
6/22/95 High-Rise Public Housing, RHC mentioned “Sheltered by Design: Day 5: The High-RIse Demon” Blair Kamin Chicago Tribune
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/5/94 Prentice Pavilion “Prentice Pavilion: A Revolution in Hospital Architecture by the Master of the Concrete Shell” Susan Boatman  
11/13/94 general “The Master of Marina” J. Linn Allen Chicago Tribune
autumn On Architecture and Urban Design “Newton’s Grid and Urban Gridlock” Bertrand Goldberg Aspen Quarterly
5/9/94 On Architecture “The Leading Question” (draft?) Bertrand Goldberg Aspen Quarterly
0x/0x/94 Wright College     L’industria Italiana del Cemento
Date Subject Title Author Published
8/31,10/8 On Architecture “Future Directions for Housing Urban America” BG chapter for Jess Lederman Housing America
3/31/91 Marina City “Building on Tradition: 10 Chicago gems that will still shine a century from now” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune Magazine
Date Subject Title Author Published
summer Spring Career Workshop “Alumni Talk About Careers” staff Lab Notes (U of C Lab Schools) Vol. II No. 3
Date Subject Title Author Published
9/25/89 River City “A broken ‘dream’ in South Loop” Chuck Nebauer, Mark Brown Chicago Sun-Times
9/24/89 River City “High -risk high rises” Chuck Nebauer, Mark Brown Chicago Sun-Times
0x/0x/89 River City exhibition brochure in Russian US Information Agency “Design USA”
0x/0x/89 River City “The River City complex in Chicago”   L’industria Italiana del Cemento No. 629 (reprint)
12/00/88 River City “Bertrand Goldberg: intensivering stadsleven”, “De crisis van de metropool” Tom Maas architectuur/bouwen
11, 12/88 Frank Lloyd Wright “Goldberg on Wright” Bertrand Goldberg Metropolitan Review
11/9/88 Condition of the American City Interview Ross Miller Interview
9, 10/88 River City cover photo   Journal of Property Management
9/00/88 On Architecture “Truth is Concrete” Bertrand Goldberg Concrete International
8/20/88 Hospitals, including Good Samaritan “Nursing shortage: David Reed’s top concern” staff Hospitals
6/00/88 Bertrand Goldberg blurb on BG as keynote speaker at ACI general session in Orlando staff Concrete International
0x/0x/88 Skyscraper architecture “Skyscraper Revolution and Evolution” John Pastier Design Quarterly 140
0x/0x/88 Skyscraper architecture “The Skyscraper in Literature and Art” John Pastier and Deborah Irmas Design Quarterly 140
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/00/87 Chicago: BG as a highlight “Chicago” Jonathan Farren,Elisabeth de Ribes Hommes Vogue
10/00/87 River City “Chicago Sul Fiume” Christian Laine/Grego Fabio Abitare (No. 256)
7, 8/87 River City “Chicago Sul Fiume-River City” staff Arbitare
7/27/87 Good Samaritan “New $20 million corporate HQ to house 450 staffers” staff Phoenix Enterprise
6/28/87 River City “Art Institute Visit” staff North Loop News
6/10/87 Wright City College “Plans unveiled for new Wright College campus” staff Northwest Side Press
6/10/87 Wright City College “Neighbors Hear About Wright Move” staff  
6/00/87 River City “River City-An urban masterpiece that only concrete could shape” Mark Wallace Concrete Construction
6/00/87 Wright City College “New Wright Plan Unveiled” staff  
6/00/87 River City (included) “Chicago Market: Apt. Rental & Condo Sales Strong” Jerry C. Davis Commerce
6/00/87 Multiple Projects “Bertrand Goldberg-A Master of Concrete Arch.” staff Concrete Construction
6/00/87 River City “Goldberg: Architect, Philosopher & Sociologist” Guanghua Lui Huazhongxeubas
6/00/87 On Architecture “Man and Towns” Bertrand Goldberg Contemporary Architecture (Vol.8)
5/28/87 River City listing of an event held at River City Edward Robert Brooks North Loop News
5/17/87 BG blurb on BG’s place in architectural history, possibly from “Beyond Wright”   Chicago Tribune
5/17/87 BG’s Career and Chicago architecture “Beyond Wright” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
2/18/87 River City/Panel Discussion at UIC “‘Different Strokes II’ Coming February 25″ staff At Chicago (Vol. 5 No. 17)
2/00/87 River City “Fostering Community in High-Density Housing” Chris Olsen Building Design & Construction
1/27/87 Metro Plaza “New $20 Million Corporate HQ to House 450 Staffers” staff  
1/00/87 River City   Philip Langdon American Homes
1/00/87 BG “Abra’s Castaways” Abra Prentice Wilkins Avenue M
vol.1#1/87 River City “River City-A Triumph in Concrete” staff PCA Progress
0x/0x/87       Process Architecture
Date Subject Title Author Published
10/27/86 BG Projects “Goldberg: Architecture Here has Developed from Social Philosophy, Social Needs and Shared Taxes” Bertrand Goldberg Dodge Construction News
9/17/86 BG “The Message of the Square” Morris Wattenburg New City Guide
8/21/86 Vision der Moderne Exhibit “Stadt uber dem Ozean, der Mensch als Schnorkel” Dankwart Guratzsch Donnerstag
7/14/86 River City “River City’s Momentum Keeps Building” David Ibata Chicago Tribune
6/24/86 Vision der Moderne Exhibit “Die Wuchernde Moderne” Harry Merkle Der Ausschmitt
6/10/86 River City “River City: Symbol of Urban Re-birth” Georgie Anne Geyer Chicago Sun-Times
6/4/86 Wright City College “100 Attend Outdoor Meeting on Dunning Developments” Rick Tiller Northwest Side Press
6/00/86 Vision der Moderne Exhibit “Eine Vision der Moderne” Dieter Bartetzko Frankfurter Rundschau
6/00/86 Providence Hospital “Walls Pumped from the Bottom Up” Paul Sommers, PE Concrete Construction
5/25/86 River City “Despite some Troubles with River City, Goldberg Dream Rises Beyond Ordinary” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
5/21/86 River City “Construction Boom Lifts Windy City” Larry Green Los Angeles Times
5/14/86 Wright City College “Bonds Cleared for Wright Campus” Charles Mount Chicago Tribune
5/8/86 multiple projects “Undulations stabilize thin walls” Lorraine Smith Engineering News-Record
5/00/86 River City “Architect Goldberg’s River City Lures Downtown Dwellers” Henry Hanson Chicago (UPFRONT Section)
4/25/86 Providence Hospital “Hospitals Build Medical Malls in Hopes One-Stop Concept Will Draw Patients” Kari E. Super Modern Healthcare
4/21/86 River City “‘River City’ McColl’s $38 Million CADD Triumph” Anne-Marie Roussel Dodge Construction News
4/20/86 River City “River City: Best of Urban Life is Aim of South Loop’s Instant Community” Steve Kirch Chicago Tribune
3, 4/86 Mies van der Rohe Centennial “Kindergarten Plauderise” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architecture
3, 4/86 On Architecture “Rich is Right” Bertrand Goldberg Progress(Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago)
3/23/86 Cartier Foundation Exhibit on the 60s “Cartier Foundation is Avant-Garde Center” staff Palm Beach Daily News
3/14/86 River City “Sensational River City” Celeste Busk Chicago Sun-Times
3/3/86 River City “New Housing Draws Rich to Downtown Chicago” Andrew H. Malcolm New York Times
2/25/86 River City “Tall Plans OK’ed in Short Order” John McCarron Chicago Tribune
1, 2/86 Prentice Women’s Hospital “-cover picture and blurb on Prentice Hospital” staff American Concrete Institute (Concrete Abstracts)
1/19/86 River City “A Venerable Modernist Brings Chicago a Breath of Fresh Air” Paul Goldberger New York Times
1/7/86 Vision der Moderne Exhibit “Visionen der Moderne” Otto Kapfinger Der Ausschmitt
1/00/86 multiple projects “Mesure et Humanite: Bertrand Goldberg” Gilbert Luigi neuf
1/00/86 River City and multiple projects “Dreaming of Density” Ed Zotti American Planning Association
0x/08/86 Providence Hospital “Undulations Stabilize Walls” staff Engineering News Record
0x/0x/86 River City People’s Energy Corporation Annual Report, quote from BG   People’s Energy Corp. Annual Report
0x/0x/86 Church of All Nations     Brickwork Design Magazine
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/00/85 85 Paris Exhibit “Upfront covers Christo in Paris, dining in Belgium” staff Chicago Magazine
11, 12/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Goldberg in Paris” Deborah Brinbaum Inland Architecture
11/00/85 River City “Creating Community from Concrete” Marilyn Shapiro Concrete International
11/00/85 multiple projects “Rounding the corner with conrete: the architect as humanist” Catherine Ingraham Concrete International
10, 12/85 Providence Hospital “Providence Hospital, Mobile, Alabama” B. Duncan Blair Bugle (Blair Construction Co.)
10, 11/85 Providence Hospital “Topping Off – Employee Activites” staff echo magazine
10/25/85 Providence Hospital “Topping Off” staff Catholic Week
10/15/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “’150 years of Chicago Architecture’ show is on” staff Dodge Construction News
10/13/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “The genius of Chicago’s architecture is displayed in a big, bold exhibition” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
10/00/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “Design on a grand scale: Seeing our own architectural heritage through the eyes of the French” Harry Hanson Chicago Magazine
9, 10/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit Bertrand Goldberg Exhibition Index    
9, 10/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Bertrand Goldberg: dans sa plenitude” Jean-Robert Arnaud Paris Art Center
9/27/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Paris-Bertrand Goldberg” Pascale Bertrand Beaux Arts
9/19/85 “Dean of Architecture” Award “Kup’s Column” (BG as “Dean of Architecture” by Chicago Design Sources) Irv Kupcinet Chicago Sun-Times
9/18/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Expos Bertrand Goldberg” staff VSD-Vendredi Samedi Dimanche
9/14/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Bertrand Goldberg le maitre de la Coquilee” staff France-Soir
9/13/85 BG award, press release “BG Honored With ‘Dean of Architecture’ Award by Chicago Design Sources” BGA  
9/13/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Bertrand Goldberg, Coques en Stock” Frederic Edelmann La Monde
9/7-8/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “Man who Changed Chicago Skyline Looks at Urban Problems” Michael Gibson International Herald Tribune
9/00/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “1985 DBA Winners to be Presented at Museum of Science and Industry” staff FOCUS: Chicago AIA Newsletter
9/00/85 ’85 Paris Exhibit “L’anti-Boites” staff Connaissance des Arts
8/29/85 BG book and retrospective “Events in Paris Honor Chicago Architect” staff North Loop News
8/23/85 River City (interview) “River City is one of Most Remarkable Buildings ever Constructed in Chicago” Ed Zotti Chicago Reader
8/22/85 BG book and retrospective press release BGA  
8/4/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “Museum’s exhibit on city an ‘architectural blockbuster’” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
6/xx/1985 Assorted Projects “The Critical Mass of Urbanism” Bertrand Goldberg Coloquio Artes
1/28/85 Chicago Architecture “Chicago Now” staff Nikkei Architecture
2/22/85 Memoirs “Memoirs: Presque Perdues” Bertrand Goldberg unpublished
0x/0x/85 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “Bertrand Goldberg” in booklet for MS&I show Alan Temko “A Guide to 150 Years of Chicago Architecture”
Date Subject Title Author Published
11, 12/84 ’84 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “Museum to Present only United States Showing of ’150 Years of Architecture’ Exhibition” staff Progress
10/8/84 ’84 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “CACI Grants to Fund City Architecture Exhibit” staff Crain’s Chicago Business
10/8/84 ’84 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “A Grand View of Chicago Architecture via Paris” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
10/7-13/84 Chicago architecture “Buildings and a city’s life: 3 architect’s views” Lisa Goff Crain’s Chicago Business
10/7-13/84 Chicago architecture “25 largest architecture firms” Mary Colby Crain’s Chicago Business
10/5/84 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “CACI Announces Grants for Architectural Exhibition” staff Chicago Association of Commerce and Industry News
10/5/84 Museum of Science & Industry Exhibit “’150 Years of Chicago Architecture’ Exhibition to be shown at MSI in 1985″ Museum of Science and Industry press release
9/27/84 Chicago Architecture “The Sky, The Prairie, The City and The Lake: Chicago and the Chicago School of Architecture” Robert Whitfield manuscript/book
5/10/84 multiple projects “Goldberg-a designer of new ways to live” Tricia Dreuets North Loop News
5/6/84 multiple projects “Goldberg talks trends and theories”, “Chicago architect discusses buildings” Cammie East Mobile Press Register
3, 4/84 River City “Goldberg to describe River City” staff South Side Planning Board Newsletter
3/23/84 BG Retrospective at Archicenter “Gallery Tripping: the man who made Marina City” Bruce Krasnow Chicago Reader
3/12/84 River City “Goldberg draws on humanism in River City” Bruce Krasnow Crain’s Chicago Business
3/4/84 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Architectures a Chicago entre Historicisme et Modernite” staff neuf
2/26/84 BG Retrospective at Archicenter “After Marina City, what? A lot for Chciago’s Goldberg” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
2/3/84 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Cityscape: Chicagoans in Paris” Gina Rogalska Chicago Reader
2/00/84 River City mentioned “Off the back-burner? An influx of working women may remake our cities” Neal R. Peirce Preservation News
1, 3/84 BG Retrospective at Archicenter “Bertrand Goldberg Retrospective to Open at Archicenter February 16″ staff Chicago Architecture Foundation Newsletter
1/18/84 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago by the Seine” Anne Cremin The Irish Times
1/00/84 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Nous irons tous a Chicago” Michel Nizri Diagonal
1/00/84 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Mecenat Un Exemple Francais” staff Connaissance des Arts
0x/21/84 Urban Density “Urban Density” Bertrand Goldberg Issues in Science & Technology
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/12/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Updating an Image: Showing Off Chicago’s Architecture Impresses Parisians” staff Dodge Construction News
12/19/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: capital da arquitetura moderna ocidental” Arq. Marcio Mazza A Construcao, Sao Paulo
12/6/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “A Parisian Salute to Chicago’s Master Builders” Raymond Sokolov Wall Street Journal
12/2/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “A Salute to Chicago’s Master Builders” Raymond Sokolov Wall Street Journal
12/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: storia di una citta” Francesca Premoli Casa Vogue
12/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Architecture from Chicago is Paris Hit” staff Chicago
12/00/83 Hospitals “Letters to the Editor-re: Elevators” Geoffrey G. Jackson Modern Healthcare
11, 12/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago in Paris” Jean Audouin Inland Architect
11/24/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Wunschgeschichte der Moderne” Joachim Fritz-Vannahme Basler Zeitung
11/23/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Paris applauds Chicago architecture” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
11/21/83 On Architecture “The Bauhaus Retrieved” Patrick D. Hazard Aashi Evening News
11/18/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago, USA” Francoise Kostolany Les Echos
11/16/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit exhibition listing staff Arts, Antiques, Auction Bruxelles, Belgique
11/7/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: quatre ecoles pour une metropole” P.C. Elle
11/6/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “New controversy building in Paris over Chicago show” M.W. Newman Chicago Sun-Times
11/4/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les gratteurs de ciel” staff Paris Match
11/4/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Archicago” Michael Seban evolution
11/2/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “CHIcago ArCHItecture” Gilles Vencent-Hgugas Panorama du Medicin
11/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Nouvelles Tendances de L’Architecture Contemporaine a Chicago” Claude Massu techniques and ARCHITECTURE
10, 11/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les Architectes de Chicago et L’Europe” Michel Ragon Cimaise
10, 11/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Homogeneity in Divergence or the State of Architecture in Chicago Today” Marc Dilet Cimaise
10, 11/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago” The Spirit of the Architectural Firms” Ante Glibota Cimaise
10/31/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Autour des Expositions: L’Architecture de Chicago” staff Les Cahiers de la Peinture
10/28-11/3/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Qui a peur du Loop?” staff Le Nouvel observateur
10/28/93 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago et l’architecture contemporaine” Andre Fermigier Le Monde
10/27/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago, La Ville Qui Inventa La Gratte-Ciel” Jean-Francois Ohuys Le Matin
10/25/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: 150 ans d’architecture, 1833-1983″ Claude Geoffroy Le Generaliste
10/25/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “A Noter-Decouvrir Chicago… A Paris” staff Modes de Paris
10/24/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Graines de beton” Jean-Louis Ferrier Le Point
10/21/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago on the Seine” Michael Gibson International Herald Tribune
10/20/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: 150 ans d’architecture” Maya Roux-Dorlut Quotdien de Paris
10/20/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Expositions-Chicago, cent cinquante ans d’architecture” staff Le Monde
10/19/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit exhibition listing staff L’Officiel des Spectacles
10/19/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “L’architecture super-star” Michele Champenois Le Monde
10/14/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Enquette-Archicago” Pascaline Cuvelier Liberation
10/14/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit exhibition listing staff Le Nouvel Observateur
10/14/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les expositions a Paris-Chicago” staff Quotidien de Paris
10/13/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Balades-150 ans d’Architecture a Chicago” staff Vendredi Samedi Dimanche
10/7-13/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les Couleurs de L’Automne” France Huser  
10/12/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Actu-archi” staff Les Nouvelles Litteraires
10/12/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “L’architecture americaine prepare une ville du XXI siecle:Chicago sur Seine” Pierre Branche Le Figaro
10/12/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago-La-Superbe” Jeanine Baron LaCroix
10/8/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “City’s Architecture gets French salute” Phil Hall Crain’s Chicago Business
10/7/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les expositions a Paris” staff Quotidien de Paris
10/7/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago, Eldorado des Architectes” staff Medias
10/6/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Expositions-Chicago” staff Le Monde
10/5/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Architecture de Chicago” staff L’Officiel des Spectacles
10/5/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit exhibition listing staff Les Nouvelles
10/1/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit exhibition listing staff Les Cahiers de la peinture
10/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago La Guerre des Gangs” Jean Andouin architecture: profession and tendances
10/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les Architectes de Chicago” Frederic Edelman Beaux-Arts
10/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago: Cent Cinquante ans de gratte-ceil” Slyvie Hourdin La Maison de Marie Claire
10/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “L’Architecture Moderne a commence a Chicago” Jean-Marie de Busshcer Magazine Hebdo
10/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les Facades D’une Civilisation: Chicago” staff Canal
9/16/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Paris a l’huere de Chicago” staff L’Union Reims
9/8/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Chicago, 150 ans d’architecture” staff L’Express
9/8/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Musees-Les grandes expositions de l’automne” staff Le Monde
9/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “Les Tours Sauvages” Michel Vernes Architecture Interieure
9/00/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “A Chicago, l’oeuvre des architects contemporains…” Frederic Edlermann  
7, 8/83 computers “Slimming Down: After 10 years of believing (and getting fat), Bertrand Goldberg Associates dumps the excess baggage” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architect
5, 6/83 River City “Construction of Urban Architect Bertrand Goldberg’s Plan for a Multi-Use Urban Complex will be the Realization of a Dream” C. Davidson-Powers Inland Architect
4/26/83 River City “River City nears the bricks-and-mortar stage” Jerry C. Davis Chicago Sun-Times
4/4/83 New York architecture, mentions BG “City Hits New Heights as Architectural Leader” Paul Golderberger New York Times
4/00/83   “The Critical Mass of Urbanism” Bertrand Goldberg  
1, 2/83 book review review of Megatrends by John Naisbett Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architect
1/23/83 ’83 Paris Exhibit “A Big Celebration of Chicago Building Planned in Paris” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
1/16/83 Good Samaritan Hospital “Association cites bridge, hospital, business center for creative concrete use” staff The Arizona Republic
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/00/82 Chicago architecture including Marina City “Chicago” staff Holland Herald
9/00/82 U of I Replacement Hospital-Chicago “SARA (Society of American Registered Architects) Names Design Winners” staff Building Design and Construction
2/00/82 Good Samaritan Hospital “Circular tower cuts staffing needs, increases patients’ sense of security” Donald E.L. Johnson Modern Healthcare
1, 2/82 On Architecture “Rich is Right” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architect (Vol. 26 No. 1)
00/00/82 Book Review “Book Review-Hospital Architecture by David Porter” Bertrand Goldberg New England Journal of Medicine
12/10/81 On Neighborhoods “Neighborhoods” Bertrand Goldberg Chicago Sun-Times
8/17/81 Chicago architecture including Marina City “25 jewels in our architectural treasure chest” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
7/00/81 River City “Business as UnUsual” promo for River City Control Data  
1/00/81 Chicago architecture including Marina City “A City in the Sky” Richard Dunlop American Way
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/11/80 Good Samaritan Hospital (Phoenix) “Oddball forms fly in Phoenix” staff Engineering News-Record
8/13/80 Marina City “Fannie May (Mortgage)” ad featuring Marina City   Changing Times
2/00/80 Multiple Projects-use of concrete “Concrete: Old Earth for New Designs” Bertrand Goldberg Concrete Construction
Ox/Ox/80 Prentice Women’s Hospital “The Prentice Women’s Hospital at Northwestern University, Chicago” Dr. Ing. Nicola Barone L’industria Italiana del Cemento
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/00/79 BG “Man of the Year”, Chicago Men’s ORT “On the Move” Bertrand Goldberg” (blurb) staff Concrete International
11/00/79 Marina City “Meiskancy Okraglych Baszt” staff Amerkyka
10/00/79 River City “River City in the Chicago Tradition” Bertrand Goldberg Commerce
10/00/79 Marina City “Memorable Scenes and Structures” staff Chicago Faces and Places
8/12/79 Marina City “Chicago’s Marina City Offers Model for S.D.” James Britton The San Diego Union
7/00/79 River City and multiple projects “Goldberg, builder of cities” Judith Kiriazis Inland Architect
6/00/79 Marina City “Illinois-The City and the Plan” Robert Paul Jordan National Geographic
5/00/79 BG’s Architecture “Community in 3-D: An Exploration of the Synthesis of Urbanism, Residential Density, and Community through the Architecture of Bertrand Goldberg and the Arcology of Paolo Soleri” Paul de Arment term paper given BG by Elizabeth Wright Ingraham
1/21-24/79 On International Style “The International Style: A Review of the Architectural Past” Bertrand Goldberg Forum ’79 – AIA
Date Subject Title Author Published
autumn ’78 On Architecture “Modern Opinions: In the Alliance of Architecture and Society” Bertrand Goldberg CRIT4: Architecture Student Journal
autumn ’78 Church of All Nations honorable mention for Church of All Nations staff Faith and Form
5/21/78 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “A Design David Steals the Spotlight from a Goliath” Paul Gapp Chicago Tribune
4/24/78 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “Four Firms Receive (IL) State Council SARA (Society of American Registered Architects) Design Awards” staff Dodge Construction News
spring ’78 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “Council Honors Design Award Winners” staff Society of American Registered Architects Bulletin
0x/0x/78 St. Mary’s Hospital “hospital de Santa Maria Milwaukee” staff informes de la construcion
00/00/78 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “(cover picture and story [missing])”   L’Industria Italiana del Cemento
Ox/Ox/78 Assorted Projects “Architecture for Urbanism” Bertrand Goldberg self-published
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/00/77 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “L’ospedale St. Joseph a Tacoma nelle Stato di Washington (Stati Uniti)” Federico Zago Estratto da “L’industria Italiana del Cemento”
10/00/77 multiple projects “Bertrand Goldberg: Planning for the city’s survival” Ross Miller New Art Examiner
7/00/77 River City “River City – New Development Announced for Near South Side” staff Chicagoland Development
4/24/77 multiple projects (what’s he doing now)   Sun Times
3/21/77 hospitals     Nikkei Architecture
3/20/77 multiple projects “Tres Obras Singulares del Arquitecto U.S.A. Bertrand Goldberg” staff Arte y Cemento
3/00/77 Hospital Architecture     Nikkei Architecture
2/00/77 St. Joseph’s Hospital-Tacoma, WA “hospital de san jose en tacoma, washington” staff informes de la construcion
Ox/Ox/77 Prentice Women’s Hospital and Mat. Center “Vital Signs: Lectures delivered at the dedication of PWH and Maternity Center”   Northwestern University
0x/0x/77 Marina City ad for Aeroflot: Transatlantic Routes    
0x/0x/77 BG’s hospital building “Caring and Curing: The evolution of hospital design” John D. Thompson Encyclopedia Brittanica’s Medical and Health Annual
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/26/76 Affiliated Hospitals Center “$118 Million Affiliated Hospitals Center Gets Underway”   The Herald American
11/00/76 American Broadcasting Co. Building “American Broadcasting Co. Building, NYC. Bertrand Goldberg, 1963″ Bertrand Goldberg AIA Journal
fall ABC, Menninger Clinic, San Diego Theater   Alison Sky and Michelle Stone (ed.) Unbuilt America
7, 8/76 Hospitals “BG repense l’hopital: trois examples” staff architecture interieure
6/00/76 architecture exhibits “City of Towers Exposed: Top Architecture Shows” Jane Allen and Derek Guthrie New Art Examiner
4/25/76 ’76 NYC exhibit on Chicago Architecture “Build me a city: A new exhibition tells us why Chicago is ‘the most important city in the history of modern architecture’” Peter C. Pran and Fraz Shulze Chicago Sun-Times Midwest Magazine
4/00/76 Prentice Women’s Hospital “Cluster and Core: A Hospital Done the Goldberg Way” Virginia Ruggiero Inland Architect
3/6-7/76 ’76 NYC exhibit on Chicago Architecture “‘Chicago Architects,’ the new show in NY” Nory Miller Chicago Daily News
3/00/76 multiple projects “The Goldberg Variations” Gregg W. Downey Modern Healthcare
1, 2/76 multiple projects “Les nouveaux hopitaux de Bertrand Goldberg” Heinrich Klotz L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
1, 2/76 multiple projects “Bertrand Goldberg: le retour au panoptique” Bruno Fortier L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
1/00/76 multiple projects “Architecture” Linda Legner Chicago Magazine (2001 Issue)
0x/0x/76 St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tacoma ads for Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute featuring St. Joseph’s    
Date Subject Title Author Published
1975-77 Bertrand Goldberg life/work notes for book with Edmund Pellegrino Bertrand Goldberg/Edmund Pellegrino  
12/7/75 St. Mary’s Hospital “Something Different in Hospital Design at St. Mary’s” Ello Brink The Milwaukee Journal – Home Section
10, 11/75 St. Mary’s Hospital “Construction: Update on New Hospital” staff  
8/00/75 multiple projects “The Makers of the Chicago School” staff Chicago Magazine
7/00/75 multiple projects “Special Feature: Bertrand Goldberg ‘An Architecture for Humanism’” Heinrich Klotz a+u (japanese)
spring St. Mary’s Hospital “Interior Work Progressing At St. Mary’s” staff Jones Journal
2, 3/75 St. Mary’s Hospital “New St. Mary’s Hospital Continues” staff The Mariner
0x/0x/75 Bertrand Goldberg life/work interviews with Bertrand Goldberg for a book by Heinrich Klotz Heinrich Klotz  
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/20/74 On Computers “Contemporary Use of the Computer in Architecture” Bertrand Goldberg  
12/2/74 St. Mary’s Hospital “Construction” staff The Mariner
12/00/74 St. Mary’s Hospital “Construction: Update” staff The Mariner
9/7-13/74 On Architecture “Notes From a Berlin Week” Bertrand Goldberg unpublished
8/00/74 Marina City “Pollution Congress Set for Chicago” staff Consulting Engineer
7/18/74 multiple projects “Towers’ Cores Implanted Idea for Cantilevered, High Rise Shell” staff Engineering News-Record
4/18/74 Stonybrook HSC “Medical School Rises on 1 Million Square Foot Base” staff Engineering News-Record
Date Subject Title Author Published
3/00/74 BG Projects “The Man Who Gave You Marina City Is Still Throwing Curves” Rita Tatum Building Design and Construction
1/00/74 BG Projects “The New Architecture of Bertrand Goldberg” Linda Legner Inland Architect
Date Subject Title Author Published
9/00/73 St. Mary’s Hospital “St. Mary’s – Milwaukee” Jones Journal staff
7/00/73 On Architecture “Conversation With Architects” John Cook and Heinrich Klotz  
7/00/73 On Computers “Architects and Computers-Slimming Down” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architecture
6/11/73 On Density “The Critical Mass of Urbanism” Bertrand Goldberg  
5/20/73 On Gold Coast Buildings, include. Astor Tower assorted articles   Chicago Tribune Magazine
5/00/73 On Architecture “Opinion: Pick-A-Box” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architecture
Date Subject Title Author Published
9/00/72 St. Mary’s Hospital “September – A Key Month in Planning” staff The Mariner
4/14-21/72 BGA exhibit at Glessner House, Chicago text for “Spatial Architecture: An Exhibit of Work by BGA from 1960-1970″    
2/1/72 St. Mary’s Hospital “Improving Decisions to Contain Costs” Minor Vandermade Jr. Hospitals, J.A.H.A.
0x/0x/72 St. Mary’s Hospital “The New Health Complex: Northpoint 1975″ Thomas F. Scannell, Jr. St. Mary’s Hospital Annual Report
5/23/71 St. Mary’s Hospital “St. Mary’s Plans Expansion of $45.5 Million in 20 Years” James Spaulding Milwaukee Journal
5/00/71 State University Construction Fund of NY “An Arithmetic of Quality” Report on Accomplishments and Economies of the State University Construction Fund of New York for BGA William Marlin  
5/00/71 St. Mary’s Hospital “Building Program Announced” staff The Mariner
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/23/70 Marina City (holiday lights) “Holiday Whirlpool” photo by Chuck Kirman Chicago Sun-Times
12/7/70 BG in photo for fundraising event article on fundraising gathering for American Indian Opportunity staff Chicago Sun-Times
11/19/70 Marina City summary outline for Sr. Don Juan F. Ducloss on what Marina City is Bertrand Goldberg  
9/21/70 Marina City Todd Theater “New Theatre Concept is Initiated” staff Boxoffice
5/00/70 Bertrand Goldberg with “The Culture Makers of Chicago 1970″ and Marina City “Chicago: It Tries Harder” James Morris Venture – The Traveler’s World
4/00/70 On Architecture “Bertrand Goldberg’s Computer: It Has to Behave Like a Man” Bertrand Goldberg Inland Architect
2/22/70 2nd Conference on Urban Design “Design Meeting Made for Dayton” Jim Bland Dayton Daily News
1/15/70 Computers, Health Facility Design “Handbook of Biomedical Information Systems-Computer Assisted Health Facility Design” Bertrand Goldberg Encyclopedia Britannica (encyclopedia)
Date Subject Title Author Published
summer Chicago Architecture, incl. Marina City “Shaping of a Heritage” Wiliam Marlin and M.W. Newman Chicago Magazine
6/00/69 New Chicago School, M.C. and RHC “Chicago ’69″ Carl W. Condit AIA Journal
4/19/69 BG at “Human Aspects of Housing” workshop “Architect pleads for housing to meet human needs” Richard Foster Chicago Sun-Times
2/00/69 Astor Towers, Marina City “L’evoluzione della struttura in cemento armato per tipologie edilizie di grande altezza: i grattacieli dell’America del Nord” Prof. Ing. Ugo Carputi L’industria Italiana del Cemento
1/00/69 Chicago Architecture, Marina City “L’exploit del cemento armato nell’America del Nord durante gli anni’60″ Dr. Ing. Gaetano Bologna L’industria Italiana del Cemento
Date Subject Title Author Published
5/6/68 Marina City “The New Chicago Architecture” Fran Schulze Art in America
3/13/68 Prentice Women’s Hospital “Proceeds, Suprise Check for Hospital” Stephanie Fuller Chicago Tribune
3/00/68 Marina City “Zu Fub fahrt man besser”   Hor Zu (German)
spring ’68 San Diego Theatre “The San Diego Theatre” B. Goldberg, Michael Langham the drama review (architecture/environment)
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/00/67 Marina City “The Crisis and Promise of the American City” Wolf Von Eckardt Span
10, 11/67 City Improvement “The Movers and the Makers” Wolf Von Eckardt Venture
10/17/67 City Improvement “Attack On Urban Problems Urged by Chicago Architect” Beverly Kees The Minneapolis Star
9/3/67 West Palm Beak Auditorium “Auditorium Dedication: A Dream Realized” staff The Palm Beach Post-Times
6/00/67 Chicago Architecture “Illinois: The City and the Plain” Robert Paul Jordan National Geographic
4/3/67 French Meeting on Urbanism “L’Urbanisme ‘Humain’ Passe Par L’Ordinateur” Daniel Garric Le Figaro
Ox/Ox/67 Marina City “Faithful Rebels” Roy Blumhorst  
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/00/66 Marina City “Christmas” staff F-S Saver (First Federal S&L magazine)
11/00/66 On Architecture “Architects on Architecture” Paul Heyer  
11/00/66 On Architecture/Book Review “Architects on Architecture” Paul Heyer Forum
11/00/66 Marina City and Raymond Hilliard Center “Architecture for a New Society” staff  
10/00/66 Marina City “Concrete Comes of Age” staff AIA Journal
9, 10/66 On Architecture “Architecture for a New Society” staff Continental Review
5/00/66 Raymond Hilliard Center “World News” staff Far East Architect & Builder
3/00/66 Raymond Hilliard Center “H.L.M.A. Chicago” staff BATIR
2/00/66 Raymond Hilliard Center “Chicago’s Newest Concrete Community” staff Concrete Products
1/00/66 Marina City     Space Design
1/00/66 Raymond Hilliard Center “A new kind of public housing: new forms from new concepts” and “Apartments: The Problem is Not Just More Space for More People” Walter F. Wagner, Jr. Architectural Record
00/00/66 Marina City “The Dynamics of Shape” staff Design Quarterly
0x/0x/66 Marina City “Chicago’s Unusual Landmark” staff Guide to Chicago ’66
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/24/65 Marina City “Sweep of Creative Power” and “Way Up and Out” staff  
12/00/65 Marina City “Marina City Adds A Strong Horizontal Line” staff Architectural Record
9/00/65 Marina City “Chicago Reborn” staff Contract
9/00/65 Marina City cover photo   Commerce
9/00/65 multiple projects “The Inside Story” includes Marina City, M.C. Bank, Marina Plaza Restaurants, Astor Tower Hotel, Maxim’s de Paris staff Contract
8/21/65 Marina City “Let Your Lights Heat Your Building” staff Business Week
8/00/65 Marina City August cartoon   Honeywell Calender 1965
6/00/65 Nancy’s II Fancy “An Architect… and His Boat” Dan Kingsley Lakeland Boating
spring Marina City “A Walk In the Loop” Reyner Banham Chicago Magazine
3/19/65 Marina City “Varie e notiziario” staff Il Cemento
2/19/65 Marina City     General Electric 1964 Annual Report
1, 3/65 Marina City New Design Case Example-Marina City” staff General Electric Forum
0x/0x/65 Book Review “Islamic Architecture and its Decoration” Bertrand Goldberg unpublished?
0x/0x/65 Marina City “Marina City: Outer-Space Image and Inner-Space Reality” John Morris Dixon Architectural Forum
0x/0x/65 Marina City “Chicago: Living on the Lake” staff Plymouth Traveler
0x/0x/65 Marina City “Forenta Staterna”   Allhems Life Serie
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/16/64 Marina City “Chicago’s Brightest Architects on Men, Building, the Future” staff Chicago Scene
12/14/64 Marina City “Towers Lit Up For Christmas”    
12/8/64 Marina City “Marina City in Ads Is Chicago” James Smith Chicago Tribune
12/00/64 Marina City “Major Technological Breakthrough in Steelmaking” staff Welder’s World
11/64-1/65 Marina City “Bertrand Goldberg: marina city, chicago, etats-unis” staff l’architecture d’aujourd’hui
11/20/64 Marina City “A Pie Slice in the Sky Up Over the Loop” staff Life
11/9-3/64 Marina City “New Looks in Housing” staff My Weekly Reader (childrens’ paper)
11/2/64 Thesis for Senior Architectural Exam, IL “The Approach to Architecture” Bertrand Goldberg  
10/00/64 Marina City “NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)-From the Depths to the Heights” staff Materials Evaluation
10/00/64 Marina City   staff From Marina City (newsletter)
10/00/64 Marina City “Les Tours de Chicago    
10/00/64 Marina City “Attualita del Cemento Armato” Giorgio Neumann Bollettino Degli Ingegneri
9/00/64 Marina City “Chicago, Chicago That Fun Loving Town” John L. Normoyle Carte Blanche
9/00/64 Marina City featured in General Electric ad   Architectural Record
fall Marina City “Testing Goes to New Heights… On Top of Marina City” staff Magnafacts
7/10/64 Marina City “Pick Goldberg for Architect of Hospital”    
2/25/64 Marina City advertisement for ‘The Marina City Bank’   Chicago Tribune
2/00/64 Marina City “Playboy-Architektur” staff Deutsche Bauzeitung
1/14/64 Marina City “Living On The Top” staff Look
1/00/64 Maxim’s de Paris “It’s Simply the Best – Maxim’s of Chicago”   Chicago Scene
No. 1, ’64 Marina City part of a pictorial essay on The City by 11 Chicago Artists illust. by Franklin McMahon The Pad: The City
charter issue Chicago-general, including Marina City “Chicago Now” Leo Burnett Chicago Magazine
Ox/Ox/64 Chicago Arts “The New Architecture of Chicago” (M.C. on the cover as well) Carl W. Condit Chicago Review vol. 17, no.2 and 3
00/00/64 Marina City “Architectural Innovation” staff Chicagoland Center of Innovation
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/23/63 Maxim’s de Paris fashions page blurb on Maxim’s opening   Women’s Wear Daily
12/14/63 Maxim’s de Paris “Maxim’s Gets a Twin”   Business Week
12/00/63 Marina City “Mayor Daley’s Chicago” James Dugan Holiday
11/7/63 Marina City “Phillips Petroleum Signs Lease for 500-Boat Marina” James M. Gavin Chicago Tribune
11/00/63 Marina City “Statement” Bertrand Goldberg Arts and Architecture
10/00/63 Marina City in chapter on “New Chicago Buildings” George Barford, Stanley Wold, ed. Architecture in Illinois (by IL Art Education Assoc.)
10/00/63 Marina City “The New Urban Plan” Bertrand Goldberg Wisconsin Architect
9/29/63 BG/Marina City mentioned w/trends in arch. “Frontiers of Inner Space” Robert Maxwell The Sunday Times Colour Magazine
9/12/63 Marina City “The world’s newest ‘city within a city’ greets its office building” ComEd advertisement Chicago Tribune
9/7/63 Marina City “Marina City: That Tall Target for Tall Tales” M.W. Newman Chicago Daily News
9/00/63 Marina City “The Story of Marina City – Chicago’s Wonder Buildings” staff Domestic Engineering
6/9/63 Marina City “Marina City: Color It Upper Middle Class” Donald M. Schwartz Chicago Sunday Sun-Times
6/00/63 antiques, decorating “Antiques in Today’s Decorating” with blurb by Bertrand Goldberg Ruth Lee The Lake Forest Antiques Show (booklet/magazine)
5/27/63 Marina City mentioned “Chicago: City in Search of a Personality” Leo Burnett Harvard Business School Association (booklet)
5/9/63 Marina City “Hilton Signs Marina City Café Lease” James M. Gavin Chicago Tribune
4/00/63 Marina City “Marina City” James M. Liston Popular Science
4/00/63 Marina City ad for Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute featuring Marina City   Architectural Record
3/15/63 Marina City “Chicago: The New Façade, The Next Election”   Time Magazine
3/00/63 Marina City “Chicago’s All-electric Marina City” M.B. Cook Electrical Construction and Maintenance
2/10/63 Marina City “Three Marina City Developers Cited in ‘Who’s Who?’”   Chicago Sunday Tribune
2/00/63 Marina City “The House the Janitors Built” Gilbert Cross Reader’s Digest (reprint from Fortune)
2/00/63 Marina City “‘Marina City’ Unit Planned on S. Side” staff Specialty Worker
1/26/63 Raymond Hilliard Homes “Living and Working in the Center City” Ruth Moor Chicago Sun Times
00/00/63 Marina City “Marina First” pict. Of BG receiving the first parking claim ticket Myerson & Associates Fate of the Metropolis
0?/0?063 Marina City     Chicago American
2/00/63 Marina City “Chicago’s Marina City” staff Specialty Worker
00/00/63 Marina City “Living and Working in the Center City” Meyerson & Associates Fate of the Metropolis
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/30/62 Marina City new year’s night scene “A New Year…and a New View”   Chicago Sunday Tribune
12/00/62 Marina City “Architectural Photo Study” staff Technical Bulletin
12/00/62 City Planning “City Planning – Back in Orbit” Bertrand Goldberg Skylines
12/00/62 Marina City “Rund und Wohnlich” Herbert Weisskamp Neue Heimat
12/00/62 Marina City “Marina City” staff Civil Engineering
11/23/62 Marina City “Recall Marina City Ground Breaking” presentation of ‘starmaps’   Chicago Daily Tribune
11/9/63 Marina City Denver “3-Tower Marina City to Be Built in Denver” James M. Gavin Chicago Daily Tribune
11/00/62 Marina City “The House the Janitors Built” Gilbert Cross Fortune
10/00/62 Marina City “Design and Construction of Foundations Marina City” Case Foundation Co. booklet for American Society of Civil Engineers
9/00/62 Marina City and Joseph Brenneman School “An Architect’s Thinking on the Problem of Lower Grade Schools” quotes from a BG letter Technical Bulletin
8/30/62 Marina City “Make It Beautiful” Dorothea Kahn Jaffe Christian Science Monitor
7/9/62 Marina City “Big Thinking About Big Cities” editorial staff Chicago Daily News
7/5/62 possibly River City prototype “3-Tower ‘Marina’ Planned” w/rendering of post-MC project with ramps around it and 3 towers” Sherwood Ross Chicago Daily News
5/13/62 Marina City “Two Tall, Lean Towers of Chicago Really Don’t Lean at All” Thomas Carvlin Chicago Sunday Tribune
5/6/62 Marina City “Chicago Called Leader of World in a New Architectural Era”   Chicago Sun Times
5/4/62 Marina City “A look inside a Marina City apartment” ComEd advertisement  
5/00/62 Marina City “Marina City-A New Concept in Urban Living” staff The Lather
3/18/62 Marina City “Twin Towers Give Promise of a New Kind of Living” Donald M. Schwartz Chicago Sun-Times
3/00/62 Marina City “utilisation record de technique des coffrage glissants” staff Batir
3/00/62 Marina City “Marina City: City within the City” staff Buildings
2/23/62 Marina City “A Daring Design for Living” staff Life
1/16/62 Marina City “Wedge-Shaped Apartments in Chicago Take Advantage of 210-Degree View” George O’Brien New York Times
1/4/62 BG as Award recipient “Get Leadership Awards” at Festival of Leadership awards ceremony   Chicago Daily Tribune
Ox/Ox/62 Marina City Commonwealth Edison Company Annual Report cover   Commonwealth Edison Company Annual Report
00/00/62 Marina City “World’s Tallest Reinforced Buildings” staff Concrete Facts
00/00/62 Marina City “City in a Garden” staff Electrical Mining
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/31/61 Marina City “Marina City” staff Otis Annual Report (Otis Elevator Company)
12/16-31/61 Marina City, Bertrand Goldberg “Chicago’s Brightest Architect on Men, Buildings, the Future” (interview) staff Chicago Scene
12/6/61 BG at north shore art league exhibit “They Were There”   Chicago Daily Tribune
11/22/61 Marina City “What Life Will Be Like in Marina City” ComEd advertisement Chicago Daily Tribune
11/18/61 Marina City “How trees of concrete grow apartments” staff Business Week
11/00/61 Marina City “Unique ML Stapling Featured in Project” staff Metal Lath News
10/23/61 Astor Towers “‘Marina City’ In-the-Square”   Chicago Daily News
10/20/61 Marina City “Tallest Unit in Concrete”   Chicago Daily Tribune
9/10/61 Marina City “The Secret of Marina City ‘Tree Houses’” Thomas Buck Chicago Sunday Tribune
9/4/61 Marina City “Marina City Moving Fast: Floor a Day” Thomas Buck Chicago Daily Tribune
9/4/61 Marina City “Marina City Rising on North River Bank”   Chicago Daily Tribune
9/4/61 Marina City “Organized Labor and Chicago of the Seventies” Ira J. Back Federation News
9/2/61 Marina City “Marina City a Trail Blazer” A.T. Burch Chicago Daily News
8/18/61 Marina City “Marina’s Second Tower Sprouts”   Chicago Sun-Times
8/5/61 Marina City “Marina City Reaching for the Sky” Ralph Gray Chicago Daily News
8/00/61 Marina City “A spectacular building team achievement takes shape” staff Building Construction
7/00/61 Marina City Marina City featured in a General Electric ad   House and Home
7/00/61 Marina City “The New Vision in Architecture” Robin Boyd Harper’s
6/29/61 Marina City photo of pouring core for Marina City, with caption   Chicago Daily Tribune
6/15/61 Marina City “Tower on the River Bank” Here’s What They’re Doin’ on the M.C. Job”   Chicago Sun-Times
6/3/61 Marina City in Chicago   Chicago Daily News
6/00/61 Marina City “Marina City in Chicago” Bertrand Goldberg House and Home
5/25/61 Marina City “Big Augers Go Deep So Building Can Go HIgh” staff Engineering News Record
5/1/61 Marina City “Chicago is Changing” Jim Bascom Chicago Daily Tribune
5/00/61 Marina City – highlights of BG remarks “Man and the City” staff Union League Club of Chicago
5/1/61 Marina City “Chicago is Changing” Jim Bascom Chicago Daily Tribune
4/6/61 Thesis for Senior Arch. Exam for AL “The Approach to Architecture” Bertrand Goldberg Exam M
4/6/61 Thesis for Senior Arch. Exam for AL “Man and the City” Bertrand Goldberg Exam N
3/13/61 Marina City “Treat in Store for Watchers of Marina City” Thomas Buck Chicago Daily Tribune
3/00/61 Marina City “Unmet Housing Needs” Mary Nenno Journal of Housing
2/25/61 Astor Towers “Takes Pick to Astor Street” (photo of NFG with FHA guys at AT ground breaking) Chicago Daily Tribune
summer 61 Marina City “Marina City… A New Concept in Urban Living” Bertrand Goldberg Journal of Property Management
0x/0x/61 Marina City Marina City featured in a ComEd newsletter on Flameless Electric Heating   ComEd
Date Subject Title Author Published
12/31/60 Marina City “‘Marina City’ Labor Pioneers New Housing Idea”   Federation News
11/23/60 Marina City “Start Marina City, World’s Tallest Flats” James M. Gavin Chicago Daily Tribune
11/22/60 Marina City “Plan Ground Breaking Today”   Chicago Daily Tribune
4/00/60 Marina City “Marina City-A City Within a City” staff Marina
3/19/60 Marina City “Twin Skyscrapers” staff Illustrated London News
3/15/60 Marina City, BG theories of bldg “Drape Shape Replaces Slums” Ernest Tucker Chicago American
3/14/60 Marina City “Well Stacked Apartments” staff Time
3/11/60 Marina City “More Towers for Chicago’s Loop Sky Line”   Christian Science Monitor, Boston
3/1/60 Marina City “Union to Build 60-Story Housing Near Loop” Walter Lister, Jr. New York Herald Tribune
3/1/60 Marina City “Marina City’s Twin Towers Design Told” James M. Gavin Chicago Daily Tribune
3/1/60 Marina City “Architect Explains His Marina City Design”   Chicago Sun-Times
3/1/60 Marina City “Plan 60-Story Housing Near Loop” Ruth Moore Chicago Sun-Times
3/1/60   “Plan 60-Story Apartments on River Bank”   Chicago Daily Tribune
2/29/60 Marina City “City to Get World’s Tallest Apartments”   Chicago Daily News
2/29/60 Marina City “Unveil Plan of River Tower Apartments”   Chicago American
1/22/60 Astor Tower “Luxury Apartments Planned” Ralph Gray Chicago Daily News
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/14/59 Marina City “A look At ’70: Big Dwellings Close To Loop” Thomas Buck Chicago Daily Tribune
10/25/59 Marina City Marina City featured in ad for Otis Elevator Company   Wall Street Journal
10/00/59 Marina City “Chicago’s Marina City” Earl Horrigan Outboard Progress
9/15/59 Marina City “$25 Million Buildings To Go Up On Riverbank” (headling, story missing)   Chicago Sun-Times
9/15/59 Marina City “Plan River Site Skyscraper” Thomas Buck Chicago Daily Tribune
9/14/59 Marina City “40-Story ‘City’ on River”   Chicago Daily News
6/3/59 Drexel Gardens “A Private Builder Shows Way to Inexpensive Row Houses” Ruth Moore Chicago Sun-Times
4/14/59 Drexel Gardens “Calls Apathy Big Renewal Barrier” on arch. awards luncheon, D. won awards   Chicago Daily News
Date Subject Title Author Published
1/1/58 Pre-fab Kitchen “Pre-Fab Kitchen” staff Vogue
Date Subject Title Author Published
6/15/57 Blacksher Gardens Apartments “Blacksher Gardens Apartments, Mobile, AL, Description of Apt. Details” Ed Sayers and Don Houser brochure
Date Subject Title Author Published
8/7/56 John Ringling North Circus Kup’s Column on Mike Todd having BG work with FLW on new designs and plans for the circus Kup’s Column Chicago Sun-Times
Date Subject Title Author Published
8/00/55 Urban Renewal-drawings & thoughts by BG “Urban Renewal In a Chicago Neighborhood: An Appraisal of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Renewal Program” Harvey S. Perloff Hyde Park Herald, Inc. (publisher)
3/3/55 Racine Houses at 61st and Elizabeth St. “Break Ground for Racine Houses Project”   Chicago Daily Tribune
1/22/55 1045 N. Dearborn “X Shape, Dual Use Building is Scheduled” Ernest Fuller Chicago Daily Tribune
Date Subject Title Author Published
3/11/54 Drexel, N. Kansas City, a “govt. village at Southland, MD” “The Town Crier” Tony Weitzel Chicago Daily News
1/00/54 Northree-A (FHA) in N.Kansas City, MO “P/A Annual Design Survey for 1954 and First Design Awards Program” staff Progressive Architecture
Date Subject Title Author Published
Ox/Ox/39 Thomas Mullen House, Evanston “The 1940 Book of Small Houses” editors of the Architectural Forum  
Date Subject Title Author Published
11/0x/38 Thomas Mullen House, Evanston “25 Houses” staff The Architectural Forum
Date Subject Title Author Published
9/00/37 processed wood products, not BG “Products and Practice: Processed Wood Products” (chair sim. to BG chair)   The Architectural Forum
4/00/37 Rebori Fisher apts. Sim. To 1328, not BG ad featuring glass, similar to 1328, in Fisher Apartments   The Architectural Forum
Date Subject Title Author Published
no date Higginson Residence “The Canvas House”    
no date Marina City “Chicago Tops US”    
no date Selwyn Theatre blurb on BG travelling to Europe with Todd, selecting theaters to show “80 Days” in and/or deciding to build new ones for    
no date 48th and Drexel “$800,000 Thrown Into Slum Drive”    
no date Drexel, connection to Mies “Front Views and Profiles” Lucy Key Miller  
no date Selwyn, etc “Mike Todd Figures on 4th Dimension for the Movies”    
pre-1963 MC office building/bowling alley “Permit Asked for 3D Marina City Building”    
no date Maxim’s/Astor Tower “Profiles” blurb Kay Loring  
no date Selwyn Theatre remodel blurb on Mike Todd (with photo of him) and Selwyn remodel    
no date Marina City, Raymond Hilliard “Chicago’s Look: Second of Series” pre-built m.c., BG with RHH model    
no date AHC “Marina City Designer Gets Borton Bid”    
no date Maxim’s opening and Astor Tower “Society USA” Cleveland Armory  
no date Maxim’s “Action Everywhere This Week-End” Judith Cass Chicago Tribune
no date Maxim’s “It’s Simply the Best – Maxim’s”   Chicago Scene
3?/60 “The Happy Medium” Theater “On the Aisle: New Intimate Theater at Delaware and Rush to Open June 27″ Claudia Cassidy  
no date 48 E. Walton “Work Started on Two Story Walton Unit” (office bldg./store)    
no date Selwyn Theatre opening of Mike Todd’s Selwyn Theatre Herb’s Monday Blurbs  
no date Drexel Gardens “Be Immortal” ad for building project of Jewish Federation    
no date Marina City “Union to Build Apartments”    
no date Marina City “Chicago Project Bucks Suburbia” Dorothea Kahn Jaffe Christian Science Monitor
no date Raymond Hilliard Homes photo with caption of BG with Mayor Daley and CHA director with RHH model    
no date general, Chicago culture address to the Harvard Business School association of Chicago Leo Burnett  
no date Marina City BG on Marina City, probably early 60′s    
no date General, Marina City mention in social page   Chicago Israelite
no date Maxim’s “Paris Party Goes Underground” Eleanor Page Chicago American?
no date Philip McDowell residence, Kenilworth “What Will Our Dream House Look Like?”   The American Home Book of New House Plans,2nd ed.
no date Marina City featured in ad for Thomas H. Litvin Plumbing Co.    
no date Marina City featured in ad for Luminous Ceilings, Inc.    
no date Marina City featured in ad for Material Service    
no date Marina City featured in ad for Otis Apartment House Elevators    
no date St. Mary’s Hospital “Architects – Preplanning” staff The Mariner
no date Raymond Hilliard Center “Complesso Residenziale ‘Raymond Hilliard Center’ A Chicago, Illinois, USA” Giampiero Aloi  
no date Marina City “Complesso Residenziale ‘Marina City’ A Chicago, Illinois, USA” Giampiero Aloi  
no date Marina City – cover photo “Latino Politics in Chicago: Coming of Age in the Context of a Reform Movement” Maria de los Angeles Torres Future of Chicago… pamphlet/published speech
no date Marina City picture in “Chicagoland: Center of Innovation”    
no date Marina City “Twin Towers wil be… a city within a city” staff Dickey Data
no date Marina City photos of Marina City while under construction for a Greenlee tools ad