In 1985, the Paris Art Center published the book “Goldberg, Dans La Ville / On the City.” This book was authored by Michel Ragon and accompanied a comprehensive retrospective of the work of Bertrand Goldberg, both produced under Ante Glibota, the director of the Paris Art Center.

“Dans La Ville / On the City” has long been out of print. Along with the recent “Architecture of Invention” catalog, it provides a complete history on the work of Bertrand Goldberg. It includes an explanatory essay by Michel Ragon, followed by 160 pages of photographs and drawings. The book includes two essays by Goldberg, and ends with a biography and bibliography.

The physical book presents some challenges to the electronic user: the pages are all approximately 11” square, and all the photographs are in black and white. The captions for the photographs are typically located at the very bottom of each page and in very small font.

Each page has been scanned and converted to PDF format below. The PDF files are grouped in the same order as the chapters in the book. To assist in navigation, a table of contents is provided.

PDF Downloads

  1. Table of Contents (32 kb)
  2. Introduction, p. 5-27.pdf (44.6 mb)
  3. Community Projects, p. 30-93.pdf (111 mb)
  4. Health Care, p. 95-132.pdf (60.1 mb)
  5. Factory Made 133-151.pdf (24.8 mb)
  6. Residential Architecture, p. 153-170.pdf (27.6 mb)
  7. Furniture, p. 171-179.pdf (12 mb)
  8. Form and Philosophy, p. 181-208.pdf (43 mb)
  9. Biography, p. 210-215.pdf (9.4 mb)
  10. Residential Architecture, p. 153-170.pdf (6.7 mb)