Rear Engine Automobile

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It was relatively easy to design an automobile because the automobile was such a simple device.Oral History

Goldberg created a design for a rear-engine automobile in 1938. He designed a rear engine car with four wheel independent suspension. Its Ford V-8 engine ran through a pre-selector clutchless transmission. The car was road tested in September 1938 by  Goldberg's fabricator, Mylo Ozuk, who was pulled over speeding in excess of 90 mph. The body for the car was started in fiberglass but was never finished.

In his Oral History, Goldberg describes the car as "extremely effective and efficient." He was not the first architect to turn his attention to automobile design: Buckminster Fuller had designed the Dymaxion car, a three-wheeled automobile exhibited at the 1933 Century of Progress show. Both Le Corbusier and Gropius also had interests in automobile design - Gropius styled a car made by Adler in the 1930's.