Brigham Hospital

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  • View of hospital from street-level. View of hospital from street-level.
  • Detail of walls surrounding administration area, surrounding column. detail where tower meets the ground with lobby and clerestories
  • Need info * AHC plan for operating rooms, c. 1966
  • Typical floor plan of earlier model? Confusing without image of model. * Typical floor plan of earlier model? Confusing without image of model. *
  • Earlier proposed design. AHC proposed massing from master plan

Initially proposed as part of the Affiliated Hospital Center Master Plan, the Brigham Hospital was a 680 bed facility, built separately in the late 1970's. It featured the quadrafoil plan typical of other BGA hospitals, surrounded by an elevated two story base building. The larger structure was cast in place with both buildings covered in precast concrete panels.

Of interest were the detailing at the base of the tower - large precast elements were arranged in a more free-form pattern around lobbies and other general administrative functions. They were a counterpoint to the more rational layout above.

The Brigham was a combination of several hospitals - including Robert Bent Brigham, Peter Bent Brigham and Women's Lying-in Hospital. It went through several name changes, originally including the Brigham and Women's Hospital, but has become more commonly known as just the Brigham today. Nearby are other parts that were spun out of the earlier AHC master plan and built separately, including the Dana Cancer Center and the Biosciences Research Building.